Welcome to Al Verde

Hello and thank you for joining us at the # 1 restaurant in Carshalton (I didn’t just make that up by the way). We are a relaxed and friendly restaurant where couples, families and groups of friends are all very welcome.

We always go out of our way to cater for everyone, from the most dietary sensitive to the fussiest of eaters so you can be sure that we will satisfy even the hardest to please and hungriest of bellies.


IMG-20160531-WA0013My name is Joe and i’d like to introduce the others in my team.

Front of House

MalouMalou – She’s totally unstoppable, needs slowing down before she puts the rest of us to shame. We should call her the restaurant ninja.

EduardoEduardo – A Spanish gentleman, with his warm and welcoming style Ed represents the more refined and relaxed part of our team.

20180524_103034Tom – Our weekend warrior barman.  Cocktails, shots, liquor coffee…. you name it and Tom will make it almost faster than you can order it.


RobertoRoberto (Head chef) – Typically Sicilian, fiery and passionate, especially when he’s cooking your food.
IMG-20170426-WA0006Carina (Assistant Head Chef) – This Romanian young chef is keeping the men of the kitchen well in line but since she’s been in there i’ve never seen them happier.
GaloGalo (Assistant Sunday  Chef) – Standing at only 5’2’’ but strong as a bear, no dish is too big for this man from Ecuador.